Assorted Wire and Tube Sculptures

Here is an assortment of wire and tube sculptures that I made. I assembled most of the copper pieces with soft-solder (with the more structuraly vulnerable points being brazed). The stainless steel pieces were TIG welded

I made the wire-woman on the lower right before I had learned that you needed to clean the metal carefully before soldering, so every juncture was a painful ordeal.

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© 2016 Chris Taylor

hoplite helmet sculpture

I had been told that in a Greek fighting formation, those on the left flank would often drift rightward as they sought protection behind their neighbor's shield. As a result of this tendency, the left was considered the position of honor, and was manned by the most unwavering soldiers. I called this piece "the Right Wing" to indicate that it depicted someone who might not be so enthusiastic about the battle... though the title seems apropos in other ways as well.