TaylorCustom Product Development

The process of making the products for TaylorCustom has changed a lot over the years! In the beginning, I would make pencil sketches, and transfer them to a hard green wax used by jewelers, which I would then spend endless hours whittling. Making things in real life is a lot less forgiving than doing the same work with CAD tools. Many of my pieces went through several iterations before I achieved a satisfactory result... and yet other pieces never made it.


I had done a lot of mechanical design work, and was very familiar with CAD software, but I was late in learning to sculpt organic forms this way. At one point I saw a computer sculpting demo, and I showed the demonstrator one of my items... I asked him how long it would take him to model such a piece, and he answered: "a couple of hours". The piece in question may have taken me a month!

Read the explanatory captions of the photos below to learn more about the process. This page gives an in-depth account of the creation of one of my more complex items, the anatomical eye with optics.

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