I began making these pieces while taking a night course in metalworking. The first piece I made for sale was the hammerhead shark in the bottom row. I had several cast in Silver, and I took out an ad in the back of a dive maga-zine... an effort that resulted in about 5 sales.

Early Branding that I used

I carved all of my work by hand for several years, but as computer modeling and 3d printing became more widely available, I knew I would have to adapt! Now I am using a variety of software and hardware tools to create ever more complex designs. You can read more about the evolution of my process here.

I originally intended to pursue a career in science, but was thwarted by difficulties with subjects such as organic chemistry. Fortunately I did better as a sculptor and designer, and now I have this venture to satisfy the frustrated scientist in me. All of these products and more can be found at the TaylorCustom site, and at my Etsy store

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