Animation and Video

I made a series of stop motion animations as a clever way of showcasing my articulating items. This venture reached its peak with the Kidney Locket Animation. The software I used (other than for my very first tests) was DragonFrame (for image capture), and Corel Video Studio (for effects, sound, etc).

Thinking about stop motion animation gives me a headache and a grieving for lost hours. A better lighting and rigging setup might have helped, but still, people who do stop-motion animation regularly must be an extraordinary breed!

The final video on this page is not a stop-motion animation, but an amusing faux-documentary I made about my Ediacaran Biota Keychgain

Like many of my projects, although it was a one-time effort, it involved learning new skills and software programs. For this project I used Audacity for sound editing, Moho for vector animation, and Camtasia for final composition.

All of my animations can be viewed on the TaylorCustom YouTube channel.

© 2016 Chris Taylor