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Animation and Video

I made a series of stop motion animations as a clever way of showcasing my articulating items. This venture reached its peak with the Kidney Locket Animation. The software I used (other than for my very first tests) was DragonFrame (for image capture), and Corel Video Studio (for effects, sound, etc).

Thinking about stop motion animation gives me a headache and a grieving for lost hours. A better lighting and rigging setup might have helped, but still, people who do stop-motion animation regularly must be an extraordinary breed!

The final video on this page is not a stop-motion animation, but an amusing faux-documentary I made about my Ediacaran Biota Keychgain

Like many of my projects, although it was a one-time effort, it involved learning new skills and software programs. For this project I used Audacity for sound editing, Moho for vector animation, and Camtasia for final composition.

All of my animations can be viewed on the TaylorCustom YouTube channel.

early stop motion animation

This is my second attempt at a stop motion animation. It shows a coil of wire forming itself into nested cubes. Sadly, the interesting part is obscured by the watermark left by the demo software I was using.

kidney keychain animation

This animation of the TaylorCustom Kidney Locket was the apex of my animation efforts. I'm proud of how it came out, but it is one of those projects that I look at and think "what was I thinking?"

Ediacaran biota keychain documentary

Unlike the other videos on this page, this one is not a stop-motion animation. This is my attempt at creating a faux documentary film about one of my keychains. Creating this involved learning several skills and softwares!

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