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Sidewalk Artwalk

A while back, I created this proposal for a project that I saw as an enhanced variation of the famous "Cow Parade" concept, which was realized in cities all over the world. Here is how it is intended to work:

1) The Big Map and Central Display Area

The centerpiece of the project is a big map of the city in which the project is created. Adjacent to this map are spaces for several temporary works each of which will be the size and shape of single rectangular section of sidewalk (about 5’ square) 


2) Yearly selection of artists for the creation of the sidewalk “tiles”

Each year, several artists will be selected to participate. Each of these artists will create one sidewalk-tile to be displayed alongside the big map at the central location. Each tile is rendered in a combination of sidewalk-compatible, and community appropriate materials.


3) Replacement of tiles, and movement of old tiles

On succeeding years, new artists will be selected, and the tiles at the central location will be replaced. The old tiles are then moved to locations throughout the city, where they are integrated into the sidewalks.

4) Yearly updates to the Big Map

Once the old tiles have been moved to their new places among the city’s sidewalks, markers will be placed on the Big Map to indicate their locations. A map key will list the addresses of the tiles, the names of the artists and other information. Visitors can use the map to plan viewing tours, giving them a nice daylong activity, and bringing customers to businesses throughout the city!


Most institutions in the art world tend to have the effect of concentrating attention on a small number of individuals. The Art Sidewalk project, however, works counter to this trend by giving several artists every year the opportunity to enjoy the spotlight and also to have their work become a permanent part of the community. 

This project will also provide tourists and other visitors with adventurous excursions, and in the process, will bring foot-traffic to the doorsteps of many local businesses. Many variations and extensions to this project can be imagined, allowing it to be tailored to any locale, and helping it to beautify and to enhance the spirit of the community in a way that grows with each passing year!

A PDF version of the project overview can be downloaded here.

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