Miscellaneous Projects

My Efforts have always been somewhat scattered! Here are some miscellaneous projects.

The octahedral fish tank was the culmination of many years of effort. At the time, I lacked the technical knowledge and the means to see the project through, but I imagined  this becoming an aquarium chandelier.

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© 2016 Chris Taylor

Architectural Model Trees

If you've ever seen an architectural model, the trees usually begin as flat metal castings like these. The branches get bent into a 3d shape, and then flecks of green foam are glued on to make the foliage. I made this collection of trees for a company that was making a model of an arboretum (or something similar). Like a lot of beginning artists, I had trouble saying no, so the number of species got a bit out of hand. The rubber disc in the background is one of the production molds.