Here are some displays that I built to spruce up my presentation at trade shows and craft fairs.


Most of the photos are of a motorized foot locket display. The computer rendering is of an unbuilt version which was to add an overtorque mechanism. This display is made from a composite material made from a sheet of ABS plastic sandwiched between two layers of Aluminum (this material goes by several trade-names, and is very widely available). If you have a CNC router, and are interested in making a similar display, please feel free to contact me for information..


you can see two animations of the foot display in action on this YouTube channel.


The wooden display is made to demonstrate my 2-part Magnetic Planet Earth Keychain.

© 2016 Chris Taylor

motorized foot display

This is a computer rendering of an un-built second version of the foot display, which incorporates an over-torque mechanism