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The Primordial B Plus

I recently got the urge to draw a comic book, and here is the result. Making this has given me an enormous appreciation of the importance of choosing easy-to-draw hairstyles for the characters! A printed version can be purchased here.

I periodically make additions and improvements to this, but I left the first 10 or so pages mostly untouched because it's cool to see how the drawings improve as the story progresses. Some side-by side images of the old and new versions are posted here:

Several people have asked me why I wanted to make a comic book, to which the best answer I have is: "Doesn't everyone want to make a comic book?". I am currently working on the sequel, which continues from the end of this story.

If there is an issue with the Embedded gallery below, please use this link to access The Primordial B Plus

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