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CAD Software

Over the years, I have used numerous Computer Aided Design (CAD) software packages. I think it would be difficult to overestimate the degree to which CAD has improved the design process!

Here is a list of the applications that I learned well and used regularly (these may be one or two that I've forgotten):

In addition to those listed above, I have also worked with these programs:


Bryce - This came bundled with Ray Dream Studio.

Cinema 4D


Solid Edge I think there was a free academic version of this available for a while, and I used it before adopting Alibre Design.

Meshlab - This is a great piece of free software which I often use for viewing and calculating the properties of CAD models.

RasMol and Yasara - I used these and several other molecular modelling programs (mostly for research)


Materialise, Mimics -  Generates CAD files from medical scan data. I'm sure this process is much less painful now than it was 15 years ago!

??? - There was some other program in the 90s where the company dissolved, and the software became free. I can't recall the name, but I used it and followed its development for quite a while.

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